We don’t aim to be everything to everyone but we are a generalist services with the intention of performing as much of your list as possible in order to make your experience as complete as possible. WE DO NOT PERFORM ELECTRICAL SERVICES PER TEXAS LICENSING BOARD STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS. Absent that, we try to do as much as we can.

OURS is a skilled service.

General Services:

–prepping homes for sale

–interior and exterior painting and touch-ups

–pressure washing of walkways, driveways, houses and other structures

–installation of hardware, pulls, safety gear including restroom and shower grab-bars

–general assembly and assembly of furniture

–construction and assembly of playground equipment including custom construction

–general construction, building or replacing of structures; decks, platform, stairs

–welding services: design and build of metal products or on site weld repairs

–installing or fabricating fences and gates: metal or wood

–replace light bulbs

–repair window slides

–custom construction/build

–garage shop services

–construct and install custom lattice screens for pier-and-beam houses [primarily in the Heights area]

–exterior home reviews [photo and video documentation]

Exterior Home Reviews

–full exterior home reviews to document the status of a homes exterior; photo and video documentation of a homes exterior to illustrate to the homeowners the status of exterior paint, caulking, trim, windows and doors; rotten wood, caulk, depleted paint

Prepping homes for sale

One of our primary duties over the years has been prepare homes for sale. Typically, this means a homeowner wants to spruce up the dwelling before putting it on the market or a realtor, on their own or in conjunction with the homeowner, gets involved and recruits us to help prepare the home for sale. It involves putting the properties best-foot-forward or accentuating the better elements of the house without putting in too much effort. Also, the realtor or home owner presents us with an inspection report and requests us to address those things we do.

In general, prepping a home for sale usually means some blend or combination of the following:

–interior and exterior painting or touch ups

–pressure washing the exterior of the house, driveway and walkways and possibly the interior of the garage

–washing, etching and painting the garage floor with an epoxy paint system

–securing insulation in the attic or under a pier-and-beam house

–securing ventilation duct work in the attic

–cleaning up the property by trimming hedges and trees, cutting the grass, disposing of debris