Welcome…to uncommon service.

Sometime in the past, you hired someone to do work on your home and the experience(s)–contrary to your inner nature–left you, unexpectedly, almost wonting mediocrity; accepting of average[or below] service and outcomes frankly because this is what the market has evolved toward. And now, you are likely once bitten, twice shy about who to hire–with too much to do but always too little time and no-one reliable and trustworthy to call for help? It can feel like you are perpetually stuck at the contractor-roulette table, where placing your bet is a losing proposition from the start! We get it. And we get YOU. We’re not the gambling type, so say goodbye to the cliches.

Houston Honey Do is a concierge home repair & home maintenance service. We’re not gamblers. We’re dependable. Accountable. Disciplined. Creative. Communicative. Honest & skilled. We’re craftsmen–for when you need more than a handyman.

Give us a CALL, send a TEXT: 281-546-3637 or send an email.

A recent site project of crafting and installing 9 custom pvc lattice screens for a Heights area pier and beam house. Welded and screwed seams with lattice and window screens–these units will be here for years to come. Here’s to quality…and quality clients who appreciate and value all that goes with it.
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