Monday-Friday: 9:30AM-6PM [STANDARD RATES]
Houston Honey Do [HHD], and all affiliates, have general liability insurance. HHD bills by the hour for services rendered. All services are handled this way. Payment is expected immediately upon completion of work. Time plus materials. A 50% deposit may be required. Rates subject to change. Actual hours will be billed at:
STANDARD RATES: $85 per man-hour, two hour minimum. 
SATURDAY & SUNDAY RATES: $100 per man-hour, two our minimum.
HOLIDAY RATES: $115 per man-hour, two hour minimum.
We are a skilled labor service. We do not utilize unskilled labor, helpers, apprentices, or day-laborers. As a general rule, we do not “outsource” work to other services nor, on the whole, we do not act as general contractors who manages multiple subs. We may give a referral to another service provider for a task we do not perform ourselves but on the whole we do the work ourselves.
Houston HONEY DO [Handy Honey, LLC or any of its affiliates] makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the products/services sold on this order and no one is authorized to make any oral warranty on behalf of Houston HONEY DO. Specifically, Houston HONEY DO makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. In the event buyer asserts any claim against Houston HONEY DO arising out of this agreement or any sale of any products or services by Houston HONEY DO, Buyer agrees that its remedies shall be limited to repair or replacement of the product involved. In no event shall Houston HONEY DO be liable for any consequential damages.
If work is scheduled, cancellations require 24 hours notice; if notice is not given, you will be invoiced for minimum of a half day [$300].
Payment is expected upon completion of work. A 50% deposit may be required prior to beginning work. Houston Honey Do accepts personal checks; cash; online payment through your bank; and in some cases payment by credit card via a transaction service–primarily VENMO.
Checks, made payable to Houston Honey Do, can be mailed to 5519 Moss Meadow Ct., Sugar Land, TX 77479. Any fees associated with an inadequate balance in your account–including but not limited to bank fees, overdraft charges, insufficient funds charges on the part of Houston Honey DO as a result of your “bounced check”, etc.–will be charged back to the client.
PLEASE keep the health and safety of your family pet a priority. We ask that owners/guardians separate pets/animals from work areas by placing them in another room; in a kennel in another room; or board offsite. We are not responsible for the loss of or damage to client animals.
Please fully read and understand these terms; we are not responsible for your lack of understanding about how we operate.
Estimates are for work to be performed. They are only best-guesses based on quick review. Estimates are not a commitment to perform work at the estimated amount; estimates are only guesses and are not all-inclusive, they do not cover all-things -associated with a project, seen and unforeseen. Verbal conversations do not override the terms as stated on this website.
We are not general contractors; we do not manage projects for other vendors and thus are not responsible for the work performed by other vendors. If asked to oversee a project, you will be billed by the hour as you would be billed for any other service. Each vendor will be individually responsible for his or her won work. Estimates do not include travel time; accurate time to complete tasks; accurate cost of materials nor time required to make purchases. Additionally, they are general estimates, generated under the assumption that all items will be performed in concourse, as a whole. Elimination or addition of items or projects will likely alter the collective cost, as well as individual item costs. Time estimates are rounded up to the next hour. Not liable for inaccuracy of estimate. Clients who opt to purchase materials on their own don’t necessarily save money in the long run. “Free estimates” don’t include the time for engineering/ planning (when applicable).
NOTE: Estimates are generally free, within the designated geographical area and are limited in scale and scope. If you ask if we give “free estimates”, we will charge you for the estimate–it means you expect something for nothing and likely are wasting our time.
Estimates are typically 80% accurate. Regardless of the historical accuracy or inaccuracy of previous estimates, each project is different and thus presents new challenges and unknowns; once begun, work will proceed until completed and “however long it takes is how long it takes” and thus you will be bill for however-many hours it takes to complete. Not responsible for exceeding estimate times and costs.
You are responsible for the disrepair of your property, not Houston Honey Do; we will not share in the risk/cost of repairing your property. Estimates do not account for customer changes, variances in scope, “unknowns” or what is or isn’t “behind the walls”. Prototypes and consultations are billable. Proceeding constitutes agreement to the terms of the estimate.
If you request an estimate to complete the tasks listed on a home inspection report for a home sale, there will be a $250 charge for the estimate. If hired to complete the tasks, HHD will apply the $250 to the balance.
No charge for travel inside the designated work area, as illustrated by website map, here: Service Map. Standard rates apply to travel time for work performed outside the designated work area; the “clock” starts from the time of departure. An estimate return time will be included in the billing.