Houston Honey Do [HHD], and all affiliates, have general liability insurance. HHD bills by the hour for services rendered. All services are handled this way. Payment is expected immediately upon completion of work. Time plus materials. A 50% deposit may be required. Rates subject to change. Actual hours will be billed at:
STANDARD RATES: $85 per man-hour, two hour minimum. 
SATURDAY & SUNDAY RATES: $100 per man-hour, two our minimum.
HOLIDAY RATES: $115 per man-hour, two hour minimum.
We are a skilled labor service. We do not utilize unskilled labor, helpers, apprentices, or day-laborers. As a general rule, we do not “outsource” work to other services nor, on the whole, we do not act as general contractors who manages multiple subs. We may give a referral to another service provider for a task we do not perform ourselves but on the whole we do the work ourselves.