Welcome to uncommon service.

We understand you’ve likely had a rough go of it in the past with other service providers; and thus, now, you are once-bitten, twice-shy.

Do these sound familiar? Untimeliness. Lacking in attention to detail. Poor craftsmanship. Limited communication. Duck and run with the deposit. Half completed projects. Over-scheduling. Over-committing. Understaffed. Dirty job-site. They simply don’t do what they say they are going to do…

We’ve met with many potential customer who’ve expressed trepidation before proceeding with a project. When asked why, the response is often: “Well, I’ve been burned so many times in the past by other service providers.” This is an all-too-common response and it is a legacy that impacts all of us going forward–customers and service providers alike. Houston Honey Do aims to change that.

This is why we say Houston Honey Do is an “uncommon” home repair and home maintenance service. Though we can not alter the past, we ARE working toward a different future…for you and the industry–one client at a time.  We aim for you to have an overwhelmingly positive experience and outcome, and then, maybe someday, that will be the new norm.

Houston Honey Do is a skilled-labor service that emphasize honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, communication, professionalism, and creativity in every aspect of our operations. We aim to work with like minded individuals who value craftsmanship and professionalism and who realize that rarely do the terms “low cost” and “highly skilled” go together.

We perform home repairs, home maintenance and home improvement projects–the scope of which range between those things the homeowner cannot do on their own [or opt not to do] to just less than “construction” projects. We work best with long lists of varying tasks–like punch lists for prepping homes for sale or tackling inspection reports for home purchases–or your endless “to do” list on the fridge.

We interact regularly with homeowners, realtors and interior designers on tasks that routinely include:

  • assembly
  • interior & exterior painting; wood staining
  • siding replacement
  • pressure washing
  • fencing and decking installation and repair
  • fixture installation–door pulls, towel bars, handicap bars, locks and door knobs
  • sheetrock repair & replacement
  • welding & metal fabrication
  • general construction
  • and more

Let us take care of your list…and change your expectations. Give us a CALL, send a us text or send an email.

call or text: 281-546-3637