Heights Lattice–May, 2018


When Amy and Josh asked me to be involved in a remodel of the counter and kitchen cabinets in their historic Heights area home, I said cool, I’m on-board. When they emailed to say the project was a no-go because of plumbing issues, well, I was disappointed. Then they asked if i wanted to remake the lattice surround for the exterior of the house….? Based on the deterioration of the existing wooden lattice, the framing and anchoring into the brick piers–I guessed it wouldn’t be an easy, straight-forward project. In the end, I was right–but before I knew for sure, I said yes, I’ll do it.

We opted to use PVC boards and lattice rather than treated lumber; the PVC should last as long or longer than the brick. Naturally, none of the openings between the brick piers were the same dimensions, so each lattice and frame had to be made to match each opening; I quickly developed a system for making the frames and lattice and then installing them in place but doing them one at a time–it wasn’t by any means “systematic”. Thus is the reality of working on older homes. Everything turned out well and I couldn’t have asked for better clients.

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