The Hidden Gem of Contractors–Honey Do Turns 10


28 December 2017, Sugar Land, TX – Houston Honey Do. Maidie, a long time client, called a while back asking if I could stop by and check her sink which was backed up. I said sure; so on the way home from another job, I stopped to check it out. She was still at the office but the concierge gave me access. Once there, I called her to be sure which sink was clogged; she said the master bathroom and that she was pretty sure she had lost a diamond earring down the drain and that THAT was causing the backup. Hmm.

I didn’t think the earring was actually the cause but I went about cleaning out the blockage as requested; in the end, I cleared the drain but my efforts in diamond-recovery were to no avail. I called here to tell her as such. Disappointed, she didn’t hesitate to say thanks but that she was “SURE” it went down the drain and now didn’t know where else it could be? She just knew it was there. I asked her when and how did she lose it? She said she was taking them out, dropped the one…and that the other earring was on the counter-top, as an example of what I was looking for. I told her I could try to filter the debris I found in the trap, to see if it was in that clump of “disgusting whatever”. So I did; and again, nothing. Persistent, I then looked around the counter-top with great intent. BINGO! Found it.  I called her up. She answered with disappointed anticipation, thinking I was going to so no luck…I said I found it. She was ecstatic!

Now, here’s the deal, as a service provider, as a human being who is out for himself, looking to make a buck…I didn’t have to tell her I found the diamond. As far as she knew, the earring exited stage left, down the drain—never to be seen again. I could have kept the earring, got one of my ears pierced and rocked that lonely stud from here to eternity, and no one would have been the wiser. Or I could have headed to the pawn shop and got $8 for an $800 earing…which would have been a travesty but would have bought me a cheap lunch. Regardless, isn’t that what we expect many service providers to do? Isn’t that what YOU are afraid of when someone is working in your home—that they aren’t truly forthright? When the opportunity presents itself—will they be “HONEST” when no one is watching?

And yet, the thought didn’t cross my mind; well, not until after I called and told her. Not until after my instinctively-honest-self dialed the phone and said, “Maidie, I found it. It was on the counter-top, on the platter.” [after that, I thought about the $8 lunch.] Ask yourself…if you don’t trust the people who are working in your home, around your family and your possessions—if you don’t trust them with your diamonds—the family jewels—then maybe you should be working with someone else? Before submitting this article, I sent it to Maidie to get her feedback; her response–“LOVE it!!!”

Maidie’s suggestion, “CALL Houston Honey Do!”

We tend to agree. 


Houston Honey Do is proud to announce its tenth year as Greater Houston Premier Home Repair and Home Maintenance Service.  In an era when service companies come and go, Houston Honey Do has achieved a decade of continued service with craftsmanship and integrity.

“10 years. I cannot believe it has been that long. Actually, I should say ten years as a full-time service; I began offering my services as a part-time gig in 2005-2006, primarily in the Heights area and primarily on weekends and evenings. It was in 2007 that I decided to quit my job and do this full-time; that is when I declared the dba for Houston Honey Do (a nod to alliteration for you grammar gurus),” said d.p.Etlinger.

“I made the move once I realized this business could be viable and that the permanent position I had been chasing with my employer at the time likely would never come to fruition in the timeframe I had hoped. I won’t pretend I it was a classic demonstration of ‘take this job and shove it’. Not wholly confident about my decision, I gave THREE weeks’ notice, not just two, so I could get an extra week of pay before going out on my own once more. After I closed the door behind me, following my delivery of notice, my confidence and certainty began to escape me evermore. The next morning…I went back to my manager, second guessing my decision, and asked if he had shared my intentions up the chain of command. I played it cool when he said that he had,” continued the founder.

“After departing, I spent the next three weeks at home and in local coffee shops designing my website, literature & logo; deciding on my marketing campaign, etc. I figured my best chance for success was to put as much money into those initial ads and do so with a BANG. I guess you could say my plan worked—still here after 10 years. Wonderful, isn’t it, how time flies.And here’s a nod to continued ‘uncommon service.’”

For more information, contact:

Darren P. Etlinger, MBA


Tel: 281-546-3637

Houston Honey Do is an Uncommon Home Repair and Home Maintenance Service. We perform “honey do” projects around the house and in the business setting; the scope of our projects range between those things the homeowner cannot do on their own [or opt not to do] to just shy of “construction” projects. Your project lists are intended to be long and diverse and we expect the items to range from complex to the banal. From changing high-ceiling light bulbs to prepping homes for sale, we “fix problems” or as the half-full among us might say, “we develop solutions”.

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