Changes keep a comin’

I can’t believe it has been a year. By the time you get around to reading this article, our little girl will have clipped one-year with us. Change; inevitable and yet surprising to every one of us. In the winter of 2011, I’d noted some of the changes that occurred in the Houston Honey Do world—new logo; new website; new work-truck. I’d also noted some personal changes for the Honey Do household—primarily that Tatiana and I were married in Colombia that fall. At that time, it seemed all I could handle to make it through that tide of “change”. We had to work hard at adapting my business to, ME living on the west side of town rather than at Memorial and Shepherd; US, now, a married couple in our late 30’s, blending our lives together at a stage when, where we both grew up [Me, small town Texas; HER, small town Colombia], we would have been considered VERY late in life to get hitched; and like with all couples, but especially those that come from two drastically divergent cultures, we were learning to be together as a married couple—which is tough for everyone.

If I’d only known what awaited us at the end of 2012 and 2013—I would have smiled more through the transitions. J Houston Honey Do has remained steady these past couple of years, buoyed by the loyalty of repeat customers and adventuresome new ones. But the Honey Do household has been pleasantly rocked, and made a mess, by the patter of little feet :-). And those little feet started walking at 8-9 months.

Challenging; 2013 has been a great year of advancement for the Etlinger family. As noted, the girl, Amber Lucia [ALE], was born December 15, 2012; nicknamed Miss Advanced at her daycare, she has grown far beyond expectation into a pint-sized leader for whom her parents, extended family, daycare workers, classmates’ parents, and even strangers alike are immensely impressed and proud. Beyond the gift that is ALE, in the spring and summer months, Tatiana left a career job of 5 years and eventually began another position with another local O&G company—which has been a wonderful change for her. And finally, we are within 2-days of closing on a new home in Sugar Land—yet another destination I didn’t see coming but a new reality we are looking forward to embracing.

As I move further and further from the area I once called home, I find myself outside of my comfort zone and propelled again into uncertainty; wondering, how will I adapt my business to continue the level of service my customers have grown to expect and promote–while operating from yet another, different home base? Reassured–my past success and ingrained tenacity remind me that advancement and prosperity are the causes for which adaptation propels us—and I know Houston Honey Do and the Etlinger’s will be just fine. Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season everyone; and give your kids a hug.

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