Me: HELP request: Looking for an independent SEO adviser who works with small businesses here in Houston who also can help with marketing and web design–to help me with organic search leads, my website, branding, etc. A one-stop-shop would be ideal. Tired of doing it all solo. Please send my way. Thanks public.

Steven: Try SCORE

Me: Thanks Steven. I was a SCORE a few months ago. First time in about 10 years. Was asking for advice on how to grow my business. First answer was to know my customers better. I said I know my clientele quite well [gave the demographics; I know my customers]. Second answer was to leverage other’s labor more (i.e., get more people to do the work so I can do the selling to get more business). This part is true. A week later, the adviser (old retire) calls me and says he’d like to give me a chance and can I give him a quote on some sheetrock repair and staining a front door. Sure. I stop by, review briefly and send him an estimate. His reply, “I do not want to spend anywhere near the stated price for refinishing the outside of the front door. Thank you. Howard”

Me:  Which brought me back to his original advice–know your customer–which he was not.


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