Houston Honey Do: Full-on ADVERTISEMENT!…and then cute baby pic

Houston Honey Do is Houston’s premier home repairs service; we perform improvement, “honey do” projects around the house and in the business setting. The scope of our projects range between those things the homeowner cannot do on their own [or opt not to do] to just shy of  “construction” projects. Your project lists are intended to be long and diverse and we expect the items to range from the complex to the banal. We get calls saying, “I have this long list of many different things, can you help us with it?” or, “I’ve got this situation and I cannot find anyone to help me,” or, “no one else has been able to figure this out and a friend suggest we give you a call, that the guys at Houston Honey Do are pretty creative and can likely develop a solution.” We “fix problems” or as the half-full among us might say, “we develop solutions”.

We do the following…and more: sheetrock repair and installation; paint—interior and exterior; build decks; install doors and windows; light electrical–ceiling fans, light fixtures, plugs and switches; light plumbing–sinks and faucets, toilets; woodworking and light construction; replace rotting wood; small concrete and masonry jobs; welding—repairs and construction; garage organization; hang pictures and artwork; the banal—light bulbs; assemble play-sets and furniture—just today, alone, I am scheduled to hang a kids swing in a tree some 30 feet up and then continue at another client’s home, tackling a long list spread over several months that includes organizing her garage, removing her old-store-bought desk and bookshelf and building a custom desk and shelving system in the space; netting-off the small fenced in patio with nets 13’ tall so her son can shoot baskets at their townhome (this took some creativity since finding something to fit the space wasn’t on the market); change guts in toilets; purchase furniture for house; install TV; eventually repaint the kitchen cabinets; install new windows and French doors. Get the idea about the range? Diversity and creativity is our bag baby (sorry, I introduced my wife to Austin Powers the other day). And not only do we handle the “project tasks” well, but we handle the clients well too.
Houston Honey Do is led by d.p.Etlinger—President, owner, and primary service provider. He has been performing “honey do” projects in and around the Houston Heights area since 2006 (originally, 2001), though his natural inclination toward craftsmanship extends far back into his past. He has been a “handyman” of sorts for the majority of his life–in one way or another–as well as an accomplished artist and sculptor, metal fabricator, welder, and woodworker—and then, there is the 10+ years in the corporate world we could mention as well, but we don’t want to completely bore the reader (wake up).
So, take a moment to visit our website, www.HosutonHoneyDo.com. Once you have perused our list of services, contact me so we can start tackling your “honey do” list. 281-546-3637.
Amber Lucia Etlinger

d.p. Etlinger, President
…and then CUTE BABY pic
Now….the unveiling!
Our little sweetheart—the newest HONEY DO’er— AMBER LUCIA ETLINGER (ALE) was born December 15, 2012. She is simply our joy; she makes her daddy and mother (Tatiana) melt. To discover more about ALE, and Houston Honey Do, visit my blog at : https://houstonhoneydo.com/. And when you do call, have patience…because I am tired! Have a great Spring! 

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