Vision board…a look back on progress and expectations

A friend on Facebook, Sylvia Moore Harris, posted her dream board for the coming year, which reminded me to look back on the last time i made an in-depth dream board for myself and check my progress against my own hopes, dreams and expectations. Not bad for 4 years! Got the woman/wife (funny, when I showed this to Tati shortly after I’d made it in 2009, she was a bit put out that i was “dreaming of another woman”; about a year ago, I reminded her of it, telling her that I got my dark haired woman as I dreamed and of course she didn’t believe me. Then I showed her the image again and she realized she does look a lot like the woman in the image. Vindicated.) Got the baby girl just a week ago–who also looks a lot like the image. Thus, got the family not too. Don’t remember the Lincoln reference exactly, but was thinking of either leadership or integrity, which I always aim to have both–but the Lincoln movie in theaters is timely as well. I’d never done it before, but we stayed at a W Hotel in NOLA for my bachelor party last year, which seems coincidental if not foretold. We certainly make a bit more money than I’d made back in 2009, but always working for more for the future. Same with investments; I believe I’d wanted to actually meet Buffett if not just own share in Berkshire. Didn’t do either but time will tell. We have a house but not that house, so that is still a prospect for the future too. Same with the Etlinger Family Foundation…in due time. I got sculpture commissions since then, too. I got (am continuing with the “got” to keep continuity) to Europe via Italy in 2010. I made it back to the mountains of S. America in 2011 with my bride (Peru in 2003 the first time). No involvement in alternative energy yet or a doctorate at a prestigious university yet, but wait and see. The vision was made more clear by creating the board; may my future unfold as prosperous as the recent past. And the same to all of you. Remember, to attain it, you must first envision the possibility in your mind. Merry Christmas.

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