Positive feedback on positive actions taken

Well, it seems healthy eating and a bit of regular exercise is doing a body good. Went to the Dr. this week to stop allergies from progressing, wanting to keep the wife from getting sick in case i got an infection. Nurse takes my blood pressure and she tells me it is like kid levels. I am like “BS?” I’ve never really had “high” blood pressure but have had 130’s/90’s on rare wholly unfit, high stress occasions. Not believing the nurse completely, we got out the home BP monitor that has been in a drawer for…a while. I even put new batteries in to start fresh. So last night, after dinner, 123/75, P75. This morning after waking but before the breakfast fruit smoothie, 117/64, P70. I’ll take it. Knowing my family history of heart issues…well, that is only the start of family health issues actually…but anyway, I’d say it is a positive result for the care I’ve taken for myself. Good to see positive feedback on positive action taken. Now for a cup of Joe.

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