Questionable Service

Question: unlike now, do you recall the days when a bank teller would pull up your account number without question and willingly fill out the deposit slip FOR you? Try that today…see how that goes over. Maybe you can also remember going to a shoe store, when the boxes of shoes were “in the back” and not on the showroom floor so you can “help yourself”, and the “salesperson” would retrieve your request and actually help you try on the shoes? I do; I was one of those salesmen. Quite possibly you may also recollect filling your basket at the grocery store where a “checker” processed your transaction, a “sacker” bagged your purchases, and a “carryout” walked with you to your automobile and helped load them in your car? I do; when I was a younger man, in high school, I was also a sacker/carryout. Ahhhhhhh, the good old days. Well, not really—not all-together. I am not HUGELY nostalgic; I am a big study of history but I don’t necessarily look back on the olden-golden days and think “man, it sure was better back then; we should go back to THAT”. Personally, I like toilets, running water, printed literature, computers, gas grills, cell phones. But there are some things that have changed for the worse…like SERVICE or the lack-there-of. Maybe it is just my father talking in my head or the fact that I have a service business—but I must admit it truly gets to me. When I experience POOR service, I want to say “hey idiot, why don’t you at least PRETEND that you care about how you do your job and how you treat the people you are dealing with”. I don’t know if it is simply the nature of the individuals I am dealing with at the time or the philosophy of the companies that they represent? Likely both since it is prevalent. (Or maybe I have just become a curmudgeon at 39?) Regardless, beyond the individual employees, maybe you’ve noticed it too at the businesses you frequent—that in an effort to “increase profitability” by reducing costs, companies are asking you and me to do the work that they used to pay people to do? It is a shift not only toward automation but also toward reduction and purposeful neglect. In general, they are asking us to: wait longer; interact with a machine rather than another human; don’t ask the associates, just follow the signs above; fill out the paperwork yourself; clean-up after yourself and dump the trash—that way, we don’t have to pay someone to do it. So, is service dead? Maybe for the majority, but when you deal with small, privately owned, community businesses like ours—you will see that SERVICE is the lifeblood of our organization. We strive for happy customers and repeat business! At Houston Honey Do—simply put—WE DO THE WORK. I mean that in every sense of the word. Naturally, we aim to provide you with a worry free and trouble free experience—embroiled with our values of: honesty, integrity, professionalism, creativity, craftsmanship, conscientiousness, client safety, and service. But additionally, we literally do the work—we do not outsource to subcontractors in the role of a general contractor, nor do we higher random individuals from a public labor pool to drop at your home for a project. We do business the way we want to be treated; actually, we do business the way I’d want my wife to be treated. Let us do so for you. d.p. Etlinger, President

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