A friend from high school, Heather Reichart, posted this on Facebook this morning.

I have noticed over the years that some people are more interested and focused on investing in their retirement than they are in investing in their health. The problem is that if you haven’t invested in your health, it’s pretty hard to truly enjoy your retirement. Don’t end up spending your retirement trying to buy back your health. Invest in your health now!

She is a nutritionist…and a health nut with a physique that rivals any professional athlete I’ve seen on TV. Though always slim and relatively healthy–as best my memory can recollect–as well as being a nutritionist by education and trade, she hadn’t always been so fit and conscious of her health, nutrition, and maintaining her physique. One might say that she evolved into a better understanding of the importance of maintaining good health with routine exercise and a lower calorie, nutrient based diet. We can all evolve. We just need to change our priorities and perspective. Truly…life is better, and easier when you make a conscious effort to be health.

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