A Client’s “TO-DO” List: EXAMPLE #1

Here is an example of a client’s to-do list–which should express the diversity of service and skill we at Houston Honey Do possess and are capable of providing. Give me a call; we can help you.

-replace table legs on child’s mini wooden play table

-secure toilet tissue holder and towel bar in children’s bathroom; keeps coming loose

-clothes rods in master closet are coming down; bracket is broken or pulling out of wall and needs to be replaced

-cabinet doors in children’s room are again coming off the hinges; kids seem to be leaning on them again

-fix/glue knobs on chest drawers

-fix shudder levers throughout house; plastic parts continue to snap and we need a non-plastic solution to open the shudders

-search for/troubleshoot source of why the new plug someone else installed for the new living room TV won’t work

-fix rot at bottom of backdoor casing

-replace rotting wooden door for access under the house

-fix the metal gate to back yard so it will close and latch again

-replace rotten boards on back of garage

-remove broken bulbs from light sockets and replace bulbs

-replace broken child lock on cabinet door

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