HBO’s: “The Weight of the Nation”

If you haven’t watched “The Weight of the Nation” documentary by HBO (available online via this link), then you should. If you have watched it but haven’t shared your insights and an invitation and the opportunity for those close to you to also watch the program–then you should as well. Obesity, and simply poor health, is a national epidemic for which we will all pay the price in the years to come. It is your responsibility to change your behavior and educate your loved ones on how to do so as well. Convenience and availability are no longer excuses for US to avoid being responsible for ourselves and treating ourselves and our bodies with contempt and disrespect. Cook at home; prepare your own food. Do not let our children grow up like we did–nutrition and “real food” do not come in a box or with the tagline “do you want fries with that”. Educate. Change.

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