Testimonial…seeing things differently, walking in your shoes.

Quick history, Susan had been a client since 2008. Originally, she found me for her employer but I also beginning working for Susan at her home. We did so on a somewhat regular basis, at both the office and home, until the summer of 2010. When the local economy took a dive so did some of my business—including her employer and Susan’s home. Or so I thought. The last time I’d worked at Susan’s home we didn’t agree on “how I was doing the job”; I could see she was getting rather frustrated but she wasn’t vocalizing it. So I asked and we cleared the air…or again, so I thought. I didn’t hear from Susan again until April, 2012. I ran into her at the recycling drop off on Center St.; I called her over and we chatted a bit but it seemed somewhat uncomfortable. A week later, she left me a voicemail wanting to schedule work for the house and business office. When I called her, she apologized for how she treated me saying that she has a better understanding now, etc. I asked if she could send me her thoughts in an email. So she did; some of it is below.

Dear Darren,

Little did I know when I turned my hobby into a professional organizing business that I would be stepping into someone else’s shoes. As a sole proprietor, I get to see things differently! I see, not from the perspective of the “client”, but from your perspective…and [the] many other service oriented professionals out there! And, unfortunately, what I see, on entirely too many occasions is the following: 1) Clients calling at the last minute with some sort of “emergency”…hoping that I will “change” my weekend plans to help them out of a bind for which they did not “plan” properly! If in the end my client does not convey sufficient “appreciation” for the fact that I turned my schedule on its side to run to theirs, then understandably, I become a little “resentful”…and for that reason, after only a few months in business, I have learned [to approach my clients from a different perspective: to move-on if I felt mistreated or disrespected and to improve my process and judgment, so as to not have it happen again— while being thankful for the fact that I AM in business]. 2) Because I usually charge an “hourly rate” for my organizing services, I have noticed a tendency for my clients to move at an unnaturally “fast” pace while I work with them. It is obvious that they want me to work at that fast pace as well…for hours at a time…without any rest or breaks! I sense that the client would prefer to see me “doing” something the entire time that I am working…to make sure that they get their monies worth! I recognize their behavior only too well, because it is exactly how I behaved with YOU! I am so sorry for having behaved that way with you! Luckily, I have not yet run across a perfectionist”…which is how I was with you! And, now that I am in “your shoes” I see it all much more clearly now. Thank you Darren, for giving me the opportunity to set things right between us!


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