SHED in the shade

Good morning all. We were lucky to be able to build this cedar door, hardi siding shed for a client in the Tanglewood area last week. We believe it turned out very well; it is attractive and sturdy and the clients are very pleased with the outcome. The clients couldn’t find anything pre-made that fits in the designated area that fits the restrictions of the community association. So after doing some small jobs in the house for them, the wife asked if we could build a shed as well? They handyman they had been using for years said he would get to it…but that conversation had been going on for 1-1/2 years. She felt it was time to move along…and move on to someone that would get it done. Other than the dimensions and a choice to use hardi siding, the design is mine; initial parameters where in my head and a sketch on a notepad, but it all came together onsite with the help of Rodolfo. 2×6″ treated lumber base on concrete piers; stud structure with 3/4″ plywood floor and roof; felt paper liner on the roof and around the structure; composite roof with flashing; hardi siding and cedar door. We are proud of how it turned out. 

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