IT’S SO EASY…don’t be dumb

Sitting before my PC, thinking on what to write for this quarter’s HEIGHTS PAGES, left me empty minded and with only a blank-page to show for my efforts. Then a phone rang out and broke the silence. It was a call from a new customer who finally gave in and decided to give Houston Honey Do a buzz. She is a friend of another client—Ember. Ember and Ashley, as it so happens, are also friends with two other clients, both named James [referred to as James2 and James1], who’s stories you will hear shortly. The lineage is significant because, well…that’s the point of the story.
The current client, Ashley, asked if I could come to the house and take care of her list of things to be done? Naturally I said, “Of course”. She mentioned that she had received my number from Ember—the relatively new wife of John Paul (JP). JP is from Victoria, TX, my home town—although we didn’t know each other when we both lived there. JP became my client three years ago; he was a referral from another client—James2. James2 is actually a Victoria boy too [I promise I didn’t plan this]. I was in grade school with James’ sister Caroline many years ago but he too didn’t know me from Adam then—that is until he was referred to me by none other than…James1.
About three and a half years ago, James1 gave me a call saying he read about my service on Facebook and asked, “could you give him a hand?” Naturally I said, ”Of course”. Not surprisingly, if you’re paying attention, James1 is ALSO from Victoria. But, in this case, we’ve actually known each other for over 30 years; I was in school with his brother from 1-12th grade. We weren’t exactly “head to Mexico and drink a beer together pals”, but James1 knew me well enough to say “he’s a good guy that you can trust; give him a call”.
So, by James1’s suggestion, James2 [James1’s actual “go to Mexico drinking buddy”] gave me a ring saying, “my girlfriend and I are heading out of town; it would be perfect timing if you could do some work while we’re gone?” Naturally I said, “Of course”. Three months later, JP sent me an email saying that he is friends with James2 and James1; could I help him with his list? Naturally I said, “Of course”.
Last year, JP married Ember. Instead of JP, Ember now sends me messages, asking if I could help them with their list of things to be done? Not surprisingly, as always, I reply, “Of course”. Which brings us full circle, back to Ashley. “Ember has been bugging me for years to utilize your service. She kept nagging me saying, ‘You’re dumb not to call. All I do is send him a text of what I want done and in a couple of days I come home and it is taken care of. He sends us an invoice by email and we send a check online through our bank. It’s so easy.’ So I finally decided to call. I don’t know why I waited so long?” said Ashley.
Listen to Ashley and take Ember’s advice. Make it easy on yourself; don’t wait so long to give Houston Honey Do a call!

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