Changes at HONEY DO

Here at Houston Honey-Do, there have been a number of changes in the works–on the business side of things as well as a change in the “honey-do” household. NO WORRIES!–we still have the same GREAT SERVICE …and MANAGEMENT!:-) And Rodolfo is still helping me on projects–which is a blessing for all involved, including me.
Seriously, we have been working to improve how and what we offer our clients and here is a list of a few changes we have made since I was last at many of your homes:
·        Houston Honey Do has a new LOGO. I dreamt up the original logo some 6 years ago when I formally established the business but I felt it was time to have a professional from the marketing world give the company a new image. You will see more of the new logo as time goes on, in ads and emails…and on my work truck when I come to your home.
·        Which brings me to the second change–a not-so-new but “new-to-honey-do” GMC work truck; this is a definite blessing since the previous 12 year old beast didn’t want to pass inspection anymore. The old Chevy Step-side gave me 10 years of loyal service but it was time to move on. So look for the new logo on a different, white truck as you pass through your neighborhood.
·        And finally, you will see the new logo on…our new website. After upgrading the logo, in the interest of uniformity, it simply made sense to change the website to conform to the colors and scheme of the new logo. We hope you like it. Suggestions/desires are welcome so send us a note with your ideas.
The change that occurred in the Honey-Do household is: my bride and I were married on September 11, 2011, in Colombia, S.A.. Tatiana and I traveled to her home country of Colombia to exchange vows at her aunt’s vineyard and bed-n-breakfast with her family in Villa de Leiva, Colombia. It was an amazing experience for which I will forever remain grateful. 
Hopefully these changes will help us to better serve you, and encourage you to continue to do business with us. I encourage you to join us on Facebook (listed as Handy Honey, LLC [aka Houston Honey Do]) while also referring Houston Honey-Do to your friends, neighbors, community groups, schools, church groups,…you get the idea.
Thanks, and enjoy the change in weather.

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