words from an impatient prospect…

I didn’t know how to describe this situaiton other than noting that supposedly his wife called me two days prior and he emailed me the day before this communication…and I didn’t live up to his standards. My question is how would you have handled his comment?

“You really run a bush-league operation. My wife called you 2 days ago, and nobody returned her call. I emailed you yesterday, nobody returned my email. Isn’t your whole existence for being to generate business? And when someone inquires about using your services in 2 different ways, being that you suppposedly do run a business, isn’t it in your best interest to respond? Wouldn’t you like to generate income?

I’m going to give you negative reviews online, bad talk you all over town, and tell everyone that I know never to use your lousy company. You claim to be a “premier handyman service”? You’re a joke. “

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