my reply to the impatient prospect…what would you have said in reply?

I am sorry that you feel this way and that you feel it necessary to spread my name all over town because I didn’t get back to you in two days or less. That is your prerogative of course. And you are correct, I am often on the lookout for new, good business. As a general rule, I try to get back to potential clients as quickly as I can but my success sometimes influences my ability to do so. We are quite busy these days; we are only a two person team–myself and my helper and I don’t have a secretary. I do all of the communications myself. I try to give my attention and focus to existing clients, while working for them, and thus during the day, I try not to interrupt my service in order to act as a phone operator coordinating my calendar. I imagine some potential clients are turned off by the experience, such as yourself, but the majority of people seem to appreciate the way I conduct my business–especially when they actually become a client and see that I focus on completing the work rather than being on the phone constantly trying to attend to new business. I find that most people are understanding and patient and they don’t seem to take it personally if I don’t’ return a call or reply to an email immediately or even within a few days–they seem to be rational and realistic about it. I imagine they might think I am busy and that I will get back to them as quickly as I can. Sometimes, depending upon my schedule, I am able to reply immediately; today for example, I have been able to meet with some clients for reviews while also scheduling other meetings with clients–in addition to replying to communications with others–such as this reply to you. I had intended to reply to you sometime today (I don’t see a phone message in my notebook from anyone named McDonald, BTW?) but as I said, as a one-person shop essentially–who starts early each morning and gets home late each night–I do the best I can to make most of the people happy most of the time. I don’t pretend to make “all the people happy all of the time” as the saying goes–and this is clearly one of those times. Obviously my aim isn’t to deter business but your approach to handling the situation has made it quite clear to me that this would not have been a good working relationship and thus the situation has likely turned out for the better.

Best of luck.

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