Lately, I’ve been contacted by business facility managers that discovered Houston “HONEY DO–either through this ad [HeightsPages], other ads, Angie’s List, or through the web—wanting us to provide routine maintenance for their buildings. I have a few businesses that I provide routine services for—such as changing out bulbs, ceiling tiles, pressure washing, fix cabinets, touch-up paint, fix doors, wash windows, etc. So naturally I thought I’d pitch our services a bit to those of you with small business that have been doing the work yourselves instead of having someone come out and do the work for you. Next week, we will be helping a local small engineering firm primarily to free up the engineers so they can do their jobs instead of spending time keeping up the building. The facilities manager realized that the organization was at a point, now with roughly 30 employees, that they needed to focus their labor on the specific services they provide and let someone else handle the maintenance on the building. Umm,…I couldn’t agree more. Just like most of the home owners we deal with, who are simply too busy or value their time too much to spend it working on the “to do” lists for their houses, small business owners should take a moment to review how they manage their labor in relation to their facility’s upkeep and consider outsourcing those services to Houston “HONEY DO—freeing up the workforce to do what they do best!

In addition to giving my latest sales pitch, I wanted to quickly address a health issue I recently experienced, with the hope that you the reader will take my experience to heart and act with prevention so you don’t live it yourself. About a month ago, I found I had a blood clot in my lower leg. It was a short term serious scare, but it has since come and gone, so for now at least, not to worry. I wanted to note it though because, as best I can figure out, I developed the clot by simply sitting improperly at my coffee table typing at my laptop for long periods of time without regularly moving; doing so apparently caused the blood to pool between my ankle and knee, resulting in the clot. I have since changed my behavior and seating arrangement; I am actually a bit paranoid about it now, so I get up and move about quite a bit. So, from a 35 year old, otherwise healthy life long athlete, do yourself a favor and do the same. GET UP and MOVE AROUND! Stay healthy and happy my friends.

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