Things continue to flow…with a bit of change to report

It is an early Sunday morning and the coffee I had at the Border’s down the road this evening is keeping me up and active so I thought I would update the blog–making good use of my active mind.
We’ve continued the momentum from the previous few months with an equal amount of sales each month since the start of the new year; I’d guess I can accurately say it has been level and consistent which I am very happy about, especially for a young business in its first year. There has been a bit of change; sad to report, Luke is no longer with Houston “HONEY DO”. He made a move north of Houston several months back and though he attempted the commute for a time, he decided that it would be in his best interest to pursue other options closer to home. The gas prices are motivating each of us in our own way it seems. Regardless, I wish him the best and am pleased to say that things are still rollin’ well.

Sleep well tonight all!


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