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Houston “HONEY DO” is now in her 8th month of officially being in operation and things are going well for all involved. My helper/associate/stretch-Armstrong, Luke (who is easily 6′-3″ tall and services as his own ladder), has been helping pretty much full time since December–which has really helped in broadening our ability to reach more clients and to do jobs I may not have been able to do on my own or at all. People always talk about how difficult it is to find good people and for that very reason, I am glad to have Luke helping me. I hope to continue to grow and bring on a few more “Luke’s”. It isn’t my intention to get too big though; I want to maintain the current relationship we have between our customers and Houston “HONEY DO” by keeping the number of service providers low which allows for a more intimate relationship between us and our clients while keeping turn-over internally to a minimum. Over time, the testimonials on the website will reflect the activities of each member of our team; it will become clear in the comments of our customers that they value having a familiar face working around the home–with a relationship based on safety, trust and integrity. We currently have ads in the Heights Pages, Tanglewood Buzz, and West U Buzz. Please spread the word to friends and family about our services. I thank you for your continued support.

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