7′ Wave follows Twins to Big D

Earthtones by d.p.Etlinger
7′ Wave follows Twins to Big D–Apparently, lightening does strike twice in the same place. Last fall, I sent out an email blast talking about the Twins sculptures making their move up to Big D. It was a good gig that I hoped would open the door to greater opportunities in the not so distant future. Well, just so happens, I took a trip to Dallas a few months back to deliver a 7′ Wave sculpture to the same client but at a new location. Not an actual “water” wave, though that would be very interesting to deliver; rather, a taller version of the crescent wave sculpture that has been on my website since 2003. The piece was commissioned through the Bering and James Gallery here in Houston, TX. Thanks to Austin and Blakely for putting me together yet again with Alliance Residential–a builder of multi-family dwellings. This is the second Dallas location I have created sculpture for and I would love to continue doing more and more.

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